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Company history

  • June 2000: Founding of the company
  • August 2006: Commercial launch of the ZONE3 brand at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany
  • May 2010: Commercial launch of the Major Dog label at Interzoo in Nuremberg
  • August 2016: Registration of the trade mark Siebenpunkt
  • January 2017: Sign up of the trade mark Tiger Cat

Nobel Creativ GmbH Sonneberg / Germany

  • June 2000: Company headquarters in Sonneberg/Steinbach am Mühlrain, Germany
  • January 2003: Moved into office space at Juttaplatz
  • June 2003: Development and startup of a filling facility for Styrofoam and start of beanbag production
  • July 2004: Expansion of production
  • August 2006: Expansion of production
  • May 2008: Expansion of office spaces at Juttaplatz
  • March 2017: Expansion of production. Start of new business Water Transfer Printing

Nobel Creative Ltd. Hong Kong

  • June 2000: Company headquarters at the World Commerce Centre on Canton Road
  • September 2003: Move to office spaces at Silvercord on Canton Road
  • October 2006: Expansion of office spaces in Hong Kong
  • March 2007: Office in China for quality control
  • April 2008: Building and opening of the warehouse in Hong Kong
  • August 2008: Expansion of office spaces in Hong Kong
  • January 2009: Office in China for textile quality control
  • July 2014: Move to office spaces in Kwun Tong


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